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Why go for Nucifera Solar Products?

Customer Service

We are sworn to listening to our Clients / customers, considering their needs and to provide service even after sales.


With many projects for residential and commercial projects installed to date, we are one of the most experienced solar company in the country. We employ the most certified engineers, installers, and electricians to ensure the utmost in our sincerity and quality of work.


We upgrade our system and technologies according to the need of industry and Customer. We provide facilities to the customer like awareness camp, Trade fares, Financing of Solar Products.

Customer Loyalty

Our commitment to our customers is probable as we lead the way in repeat business, recommendations, testimonials and transparent policy of our deal with them.


Respect for our customer’s needs and its property – work with sincerity, loyalty and respect to deliver a superior product to achieve our customer’s needs.


We offer a wide range of products and services to ensure we have the most energy efficient solar energy products to fit every customer need from commercial to the largest project of solar products.